Microcurrent Therapeutic Procedures


Microcurrent Therapeutic Procedures

TAMA Full Body Detox

Detox ● Balance ● Boost Immune System Oxygenate ● Increase Lymphatic Drainage Reduce Inflammation

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Introducing TAMA body influx therapy

A touch less , wellness treatment, that releases, stagnant lymph, boost the immune system and restores balance to the bodies, natural electromagnetic qualities for total rejuvenation. We live in a world of frequencies and vibrations. Every cell in our body vibrates dynamically with complex frequency harmonics.

This new touchless wellness treatment was inspired during the pandemic challenges there, and let us to reconsider our treatments and design a process that can address the overall well-being of our clients. Tama metal wave technology empowered us to create a treatment that addresses all the necessary aspects of a healthy body by harnessing, the earths essential elements to reach a beneficial homeostasis . One element is water, the most mysterious element on earth that plays a huge role in the unification of treatment delivery through the body by using vibration and frequencies that is familiar and scientifically, proven to be safe. Independent scientific research  shows how TAMA Metawave specific Bioelectromagnetic frequencies, re-balance in modulate cellular function to restore boost and maintain health.

Electromagnetic currents flow in the body, moving ions in nutrients among cells, thus increasing vitality . In only 30 minutes, TAMA body influx therapy, activates, the body‘s natural electrical and magnetic currents by combining the frequencies of four distinct TAMA Mata ways to rebalance cellular activity .The simple painless and effortless procedure initiates improve lymphatic drainage. Detoxes the body and taps into his head and capabilities to remove the blockages, holistic and noninvasive the treatment requires no chemicals, injections, or invasive procedures. There is no downtime and no sun sensitivity. The TAMA  system is connected to the upper extremities of the body to receive the bio electromagnetic energy delivered at a very low level of electricity, with a magnetic field calibrated to generate the same vital magnetic field, the earth provides, the low level stimulation helps the lungs and heart work cohesively to move the stagnated lymph.

Wellness powered by TAMA

Introducing TAMA Wellness Therapy – a Touch-less™ wellness treatment that releases stagnant lymph, boosts the immune system, and restores balance to the body’s natural electromagnetic qualities for total rejuvenation.

Turning back time has never been easier. TAMA state-of-the art technology and its unique capability to offer Touchless™ Therapy, along with hands-on services, has innovated electrotherapy treatments and equipment in the beauty industry. The patented modulated frequencies, along with patent pending treatment methods and outstanding quality, sets TAMA apart from all the rest. TAMA technology leverages your treatment with long-lasting results that can benefit any spa treatment.

The Next Generation of Wellness & Age Management Services

At a healthy state, our body is well-equipped and has a sophisticated way of eliminating toxins. Aging and illness initiates imbalance in these protective systems. Optimize your body’s detoxification system by adding TAMA Wellness Therapy – a natural and non-invasive procedure delivered with minimal person-to-person contact.

TAMA Touch-less™ Therapy is safe, painless and the touch-less application allows for a socially-distant treatment option. The holistic and noninvasive treatment requires no chemicals, injections or invasive procedures. There is no downtime and no sun sensitivity.

TAMA Full Body Detox

Detox ● Balance ● Boost Immune System ● Oxygenate
Increase Lymphatic Drainage ● Reduce Inflammation
Independent scientific research shows how TAMA MetaWave™ specific bio-electromagnetic frequencies re-balance and modulate cellular function to restore, boost, and maintain health.

TAMA Results

As Early As The First Treatment

Randomized clinical trials reported results as early as the first treatment;
however, a series of six treatments is optimal for the best outcome.
Results indicate continued improvement over a six-month period.


People that are recovering from surgery they have inflammation residual. We do the body influx therapy prior to any service but the whole emphasis here has been on the whole body therapy.

This monthly treatment, results in healthy contoured and rejuvenated body . TAMA Body influx therapy is also widely used in doctors offices and wellness clinics as a pre-and post surgery treatment as well as for pain management. It is important to note that this patent pending process application is only possible with TAMA technology and it’s not safe when administered with other microcurrent devices . Along with TAMA Body Influx therapy. It is vital to incorporate a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, engaging in regular exercise, staying hydrated and eating a diet rich in immune boosting, Vitamins and minerals will promote health and longevity and improve the results of your treatments. Tama Body Influx therapy is the health well-being and beauty revolution for today tomorrow and the Future.