Bloom Salon

3 Simple Spa Decor Ideas to Try

The owners at Bloom Spa and Salon designed their spa to look modern and warm, with plenty of private spaces. The goal was to make each and every client who walks through the door feel welcome and happy to be there.

The Bloom Spa rooms were thoughtfully designed to convey to customers the immediate feeling of relaxation from the very moment they arrive. They want each visitor to be eager to be pampered by the warmhearted staff.

The salon owners want all clients, when they leave the salon to feel they were surrounded by caring friends, and who will want to return again and again, to visit, and be excited about the care they are about receive.

Clients will visit every time when they are ready for a few hours of pampering. Many love to visit their new found circle of friends. Friends who are genuinely happy to see them.

The staff is always ready to make each person feel comfortable, and strive to make sure with each visit they leave feeling refreshed, regenerated, and ready to take on the everyday world.

The spa was designed, and run with this in mind. In this article below here are a few tips on decor for businesses, and homes to help make your space warm and welcoming too.

3 Simple Spa Decor Ideas to Try

A spa is a place people go to relax and unwind. Everything about the decor should make users feel relaxed. You only have one chance to make a good lasting impression, so focusing on your decor is key. Thankfully, spa decor ideas don’t have to be overly elaborate. Usually, less is more in these cases. You can play with colors, lighting, and furniture to create a relaxing space with oasis vibes to attract more customers. 

1. Play With Your Color Scheme

When in doubt, a minimalistic aesthetic will always work for a spa. A monochromatic look is easy to maintain and achieve without investing much in other decorative accessories. While white is the most commonly used color, you can also try pastel shades or even dark tones like blacks and greys for a modern look. Play with your color scheme to set the mood for your spa and use lighting as a decorative element. For example, a white wall with light blue LED lights will give a relaxing and ethereal look. 

2. Make Furniture Your Focal Point

When choosing furniture, opt for beautiful pieces that can also be functional. For example, built-in bookshelves give you plenty of space to add decorative elements while still allowing space for storage cubes that can hold towels, creams, and other items. 

When choosing decorative furniture, consider adding water fountains, for example. Most customers feel relaxed when close to a water source; putting a little fountain in the entrance might help them feel more comfortable and ready to relax. 

3. Try Feng-Shui-Inspired Decor

Feng-shui decor can help you create a soothing space that allows for an uninterrupted flow of energy. It comes from the balance of yin, a peaceful element in the room, and the yang, a vibrant element. The sense of having this makes every client feel relaxed in every space. Feng Shui helps the energy travel smoothly through a particular area. You can work with a Feng Shui expert to learn how energy flows in your spa’s space to ensure you’re placing furniture and decor the right way. 

These decoration ideas can help you create a relaxing environment for your clients. When it comes to spas, the decor is essential to create a space that inspires relaxation and comfort. Keep in mind that a minimalistic approach – meaning, less is more when it comes to spas. 

Geraldine Orentas is a writer from Happy Writers, Co.