Yoga’s True Relationship With Energy

People try yoga for many reasons: to improve flexibility, get in shape, and exercise. But yoga is more than just another exercise fad. It’s also a spiritual discipline that can help you manage your emotions, better align your chakras, and overall boost your energy. Let’s learn more about the connection between yoga and your energy levels.

Yoga’s main purpose is to align your energy chakras

The practice of yoga is set initially on balancing your energy centers. Also called chakras and located throughout the body, they perform different functions depending on their location.

The first chakra, for example, is located at the base of your spine and connects with your physical body, while your second chakra connects with your emotions. Yoga practitioners believe holding specific positions or twisting their bodies in particular ways will help them release energy blockages that may be holding them back.

The movement you generate in your yoga practice stimulates the energy flow and removes blockages to the flow that could affect your body’s energy.

Meditation and breathwork in yoga also tap into your energy

In addition to movement, yoga incorporates a lot of breath work and meditation that plays a crucial role in stimulating energy in the body.

When you tune in with your breath, you can use it to control emotions and move past energy blockages. Yoga uses breath to channel energy into the chakras and as a form of meditation to better connect with your inner self.

Furthermore, mindfulness meditation can have measurable benefits. When you incorporate a mindfulness practice into your yoga movements, the awareness helps boost circulation and oxygen, allowing you to tap into your energy flow. People who meditate often report feeling calmer and with improved overall well-being.

Balancing your energy can help you feel calmer

Yoga is a fantastic way to align your energy centers and eliminate energy blockages that could be causing you some distress. When you meditate regularly, have a comprehensive yoga practice, and tap into breathwork, you can feel in control over your energy centers. A yoga practice can help you fight anxiety or stress, irritability, depression or sadness, and even a lack of motivation.

Written by Geraldine Orentas in partnership with Chittons conscious athleisure and activewear.