Where to Look for Wedding Dress Inspiration

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Where to Look for Wedding Dress Inspiration

Here comes the bride, and if she’s looking a little stressed, well no wonder. There’s so much to do, so much advice, and so many people who want to give it. But when it comes to the dress of your dreams, here’s a little step back moment, a little cold glass of chardonnay, close your eyes, and dream moment. That dress is all you and should, according to Addie Reese of Mira Couture in Chicago, “reflect your personal style and taste. Your partner is marrying you for who you are, so be yourself.” 

While you may have a trusted inner circle of friends to advise you on choices, you want to know that you’ve found the wedding dress that works for you. But how to begin? You’ll find lots of advice on the process of picking your dream gown, from wearing the undergarments you’ll actually wear at the event to working with a professional tailor. But with the thousands of choices available, where do you start? 

Before we offer a few ideas on how to find inspiration for your wedding dress, the one piece of advice that will set you off on the right foot: set a budget. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding that dream gown only to discover a price tag that is beyond what you can afford. With a budget in place you can begin your search:

  1. The traditional route: Generations of brides-to-be have turned, and let’s face it, mangled the pages of bridal magazines, and you, too, can tear away, tucking those favorite gown images into files and drawers. But with today’s technology you can find so much more. You can peruse wedding dresses on bridal websites, Pinterest, social media platforms, and wedding blog sites. Don’t just look at the specific gowns you see but make note of the elements you like, such as necklines, silhouettes, colors, and fabrics. And you can also turn to the ever popular media images of celebrity weddings for a little extra inspiration.
  1. Sport your style: One clear inspiration is closer than you think . . . you. You know your personal style inclinations. Do you tend toward the more traditional in your dress? Then that white gown with tulle accents or a bit of boho lace might be right for you. Or maybe you dress outside the box? How about something different like a pastel gown or even a splash of bold color? You should find the dress that makes you feel as comfortable, confident, and happy as your everyday stylings do, and you may find clues to materials, textures, and cuts in those day-to-day fashions that will help you pick the right gown for you.
  1. Piece it together: Before you start trying on wedding gowns, you might want to spend some time thinking about the individual elements that appeal to you. A good place to begin is with fabrics. Spend some time looking at and thinking about the fabrics you love, their textures and sheens. You may even find in comparing fabrics some unique vision for the gown of your dreams. You should also consider elements such as those v-neck and strapless and halter necklines or the silhouettes that draw you, such as A-line and sheath. Making some of these decisions will help you focus your search when you begin trying on dresses.
  1. Think about the day: Surprising inspiration may sometimes come from (and even be dictated by) the location, venue, and activities of your wedding. Who couldn’t, for example, have a spring Charleston wedding in South Carolina and not at least consider the pastels of Rainbow Row as an inspiration? A beach wedding may require a shorter lighter gown, something that won’t pick up sand and that will keep you looking fresh in the humid air, while a winter wedding speaks to heavier fabrics. Planning on dancing the night way? Then you’ll want to choose a gown that provides ease of movement.

Written by Ivan Young in partnership with silverware wholesaler Silver Superstore