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5 Ways Hair Health is Linked to Overall Health

At Bloom Spa and Salon we are committed to help with your hair challenges. From cut and style, to color and treatments. Say goodbye to bad hair days. Skin and hair are a part of keeping all of you healthy. Here are some tips and beauty products that will help keep you in tip top shape.

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5 Ways Hair Health is Linked to Overall Health

Hair is something that we don’t think too much about unless it is for esthetic reasons. Little do we know that our hair can give us a glimpse of what is going on with our health.  If your hair falls more than it should, or your scalp is constantly itching, read on to know what your hair tells you.

1. Autoimmune Disorders

Typically, we lose 50 to 100 hair strands per day. After taking a shower, seeing the amount of hair in the drain can be pretty surprising. The Academy of Dermatology (AADN) explains that it is not a big deal because many hairs grow back to replace them.

However, losing a significant amount of hair throughout the day can signify that something is off. This can lead to diseases like telogen effluvium (hair shedding), caused by stress, or alopecia, an autoimmune disorder. To know more if you are suffering from any of these, consult your dermatologist to help with treatment.

2. Low On Nutrients

Suffering from dry hair through cold seasons is normal. As the temperature goes down, most of our bodies go through several conditions. If your hair is dry through the entire year, then you are mostly lacking nutrients.

For this, our best recommendation is to restore the health of your hair with healthy fats, like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and fish. These can be easily bought in any supermarket, but if not accessible, Omega 3 and 6 supplements can easily be changed for this.

3. Missing Healthy Fats

If your hair is lacking vibrancy could also be that you are missing healthy fats to add shine and body. As mentioned before, Omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats are essential for overall health; get your hands-on chia seeds, flaxseed, and nuts to have your hair shining more and be balanced on the inside.

4. Iron Deficiency

Nothing is as good as taking a long shower and washing your hair with your favorite products. But, hearing a sound when putting a strand back in your ear can mean something is wrong. If this happens to you, then you are suffering from iron or zinc deficiency. This two help with the production of keratin, the lack of means can change the structure of the hair. Beets, pumpkin seeds, and lentils can help raise zinc and iron to help balance any deficiency.

5. Lack of Protein

If you happen to know the structure of your hair, if it falls on the thinner side, it might be good to keep an eye on it. If it even starts to scatter, then you might need more protein. Hair and all of all cells are made out of protein, making this critical for its structure. If you aren’t consuming enough protein, then it will fall more than usual.

Try consuming fish, eggs, poultry, beef, and dairy. If you are vegan or vegetarian, nuts, beans, and whole grains are good protein sources.

Our hair can help us be healthier or indicate something is going wrong with our bodies. If any of these symptoms are related to you, reach out to a specialist to ensure that everything is okay with your health.

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